2019 Staff Team


Our staff are an incredibly hardworking, efficient group of people who are always eager to get the best out of every single student, every single day of the year. Every member of our staff work tirelessly throughout the year to make sure that everything runs as smooth as possible for the students in our school.

Moloney, Mark .jpg


Mark Moloney

McCosh, Leisa.jpg

Deputy Principal, Classroom Teacher and Performing Arts
Leisa McCosh

Moloney, Bronie.jpg


Bronie Moloney

Louden, Shona.jpg

Room 1: F/1/2

Shona Louden

Jones, Kelly.jpg

Room 2: F/1/2

Kelly Jones

Swarbrick, Helen.jpg

Room 4: 3/4

Helen Swarbrick

Dwyer, Lynn.jpg

Room 5: 4/5

Lynn Dwyer

Noonan, Carmel.jpg

Room 6: 5/6, Learning Diversity

Carmel Noonan

Walsh, Denise.jpg


Denise Walsh

Houlihan, Renee.jpg

Learning Support, Classroom Teacher

Renee Houlihan

Cossens, Wendy.jpg

Learning Support

Wendy Cossens

Templeton, Alastair.jpg

Physical Education

Alastair Templeton

Deguchi, Yuichi.jpg


Yuichi Deguchi

Bartlett, Julie.jpg

Compliance Officer

Julie Bartlett

Brady, Seamus.jpg


Seamus Brady