Our Colours

house colours

With inspiration from our Irish Heritage, our three House Groups are named after three famous Counties in Ireland. These House Groups feature in our annual Athletics Sports Day held in Term 1 with a perpetual shield being awarded to the house with the most points on the day. Students across all age groups can also purchase shirts which feature the colour and the corresponding county name to which they have been designated to.


Red House

Red House recognises the county of Cork. It is located in the Southwest of Ireland and is the third most populous city in the country. Half of its flag is represented by the colour red showing the relationship with our Red House.


Green House

Green House recognises the county of Limerick. Limerick sits directly above Cork and is home to over 190,000 people. On its flag, green is featured predominately which is the colour Ireland and our school is often associated with.

Blue House

Blue House recognises the county of Clare. Clare is on the border of Ireland accompanied by the Atlantic Ocean on its West. Its flag features the colour blue which symbolises the water which surrounds the whole Ireland nation.